In 2021, Noizlab have worked with brands : Porsche, Tommy Hilfiger, Nars, Laura Mercier, Oysho, Simba, Tumi and many amazing artists and creative agencies. 

Our approach to the commercial projects is - “Can music from the commercial project sound like a track from your playlist? And the answer is - Yes!” In each of our works we try to push the boundaries of “standard” sound design and no matter how short is the piece we try to make it memorable and on the edge of the music trends. If you want music from 2222 ;)

 Let’s make some Noiz together!
Chris Labrooy
Zünc Studio
Rafael Merino
Élise Tronel
Jonathan Formento
Varya Schuka
Will Baldock
Matteo Del Nero
Artem Hinz
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