It's always a pleasure to work on such interesting fan projects. As a huge fan of the original Mortal Kombat movie I was so thrilled and buzzed to recreate the opening scene and breathe new life into this title sequence using modern 3D graphics. Cinema 4D was used for the majority of tasks like modelling, sculpting, animation and shading. Smoke and fire simulations were made with a combination of Houdini and X-Particles. Redshift is for rendering as always. I also had a great experience collaborating with Pavel Zhigarev from Noizlab on the SFX part. Thanks a lot for taking part in this project.
CG / Design / Direction: Vladislav Solovjov
Sound Design / SFX: Noizlab @noizlabaratory
It's a fully non-commercial fan project. All rights belong to New Line Cinema and Threshold Entertainment.
Early Still Frames
Behind the Scenes
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