"Average Vacation" is a collection of my last year Asia/Mediterranean vacations memories, averaged and simplified. While I mostly inspired there by nature and creatures, the inner meanings are about love, karma, recursion, individualism etc. There were sure a lot more ideas, hope I'll have more motivation for part two, with viewers kind support for sure :)

Special thanks to @rovoqsound for amazing montage sound design and @noizlab for great instagram loops sound design.


In childhood I always was enjoying to watch Formicary life, and imagine how ants feel the world around them. One day recently I saw the big colony on the rope, seems like ants was having big fun there.

Megacities + Pool on the roof of skyscraper = ♥♥♥
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Sea Villain
Last ride to Asia I was with my friends, who always accidentally stepped on some sea creatures and being attacked by them. Here is the average photo portrait of these villains.

We all love to bring freaky souvenirs to our folks, but first you have to survive tourist market,
full of uncontrolled decisions and total chaos.

Everytime I get back home by plane, I like to enjoying views to our massive forest landscapes, but can't deal with that they're too static for me!
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Risky adventures are the best adventures :)
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Style Research
While forming visual style for this project, I also inspired
with Alex Firstov's and Foam Studio's works. Thanks guys for your existence! 

Thank you for watching! Stay Positive!!

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